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Axtell Reunion 2019

Young or old, please come out to our reunion where we can get to know each other once again!

We would love to see some new faces and it is going to be an enjoyable time that you will not want to miss!
Same location and weekend as last year!

Date & Time: August 17, 2018, 12 Noon
Place: Deposit, NY (contact Reunion Secretary Rebekah Axtell for specifics)
The Reunion will begin gathering at 12 Noon. The Chicken Pie Dinner will begin at 12:30.

From the official announcement:

This reunion is primarily attended by descendants of Moses Axtell (6-1 in the 1945 Axtell Genealogy), a sixth generation descendant from English immigrant Thomas Axtell, but all Axtell descendants, family and friends are welcome.The more the merrier.

What to bring?
Side dish or dessert
- Place settings for your family
- Family news and updates
- Old and new photos, stories, items of interest to share

For more information contact Reunion Secretary Rebekah Axtell.

If you cannot make it please send an update on what is happening with you and your family to be read at the reunion.

Some decade soon, I hope to post some of the interesting Axtell tidbits that have dribbled in.

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