Pictures of Axtell, Texas

Thanks to Charlie (Charles E.) Axtell (12-113) for the pictures, all from 1993.
(That's Charlie by the highway sign, Carol & Wesley by the church, and Wesley by the Post Office.)
And thanks to Holly Boone Keys (Anne Axtell Boone descendant) for the tower picture from 1999.
Axtell, TX highway sign   Axtell, TX Post Office
Axtell, TX Church sign   Axtell, TX Church
Axtell, TX High School Axtell TX tower 1999
Young William Wesley Axtell was 1 1/2 in these pictures. The Axtell Baptist Church was founded 1895. The road behind Charlie is "Old Axtell Rd", although no old Axtells live on it.

Charlie Axtell writes (of his 1993 visit):

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