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Many of these I found on a 1993 CD-ROM business phone directory. So, this list is hopelessly out of date. If someone would like to update this page, I'll be glad to explain how to upload it onto the Internet. For businesses and municipal organizations in towns named Axtell, jump to Places Named Axtell.
Axtell Expressions, Inc.
Professional Puppets for Entertainers, Creators of the puppets in the PBS children's show, "Imagineland."
Ventura, California.
Congratulations to Steve Axtell for claiming the valuable domain name "" early on (1995) in the history of the Internet.

Gift Idea! You can buy Burds puppets with "Axtell Expressions" imprinted on the feet and also on the tag. Burds Tag Find out more at Steve's Website.

Axtell Antiques
18th and 19th Century folk art, decorative arts and accessories in the oldest building in Deposit, NY. Here's a picture and description of the building.
Axtell Chevrolet
Logan, UT. Leo Axtell (9-833) stopped here in 1995. He said two brothers, Thomas & Bruce, were running it. Their father's name is Ellis. Ellis's father was Ivory and they're not found in either Genealogy. Ellis said Leo was only the third Axtell he'd ever met (presumably beside his own family).
Axtel Construction
Woods Cross, UT
Axtell & Associates
San Diego, CA
Axtell & Bradtke Lumber
Masonville, NY
Axtell Auto Service
Port Charlotte, FL
Axtell Chevrolet Jeep Eagle
Logan, UT
Axtell Construction
Palm Beach, FL
Axtell Custom Jewelers
Lakewood, CO
Axtell Development Corp.
Phoenix, AZ
Axtell Electronics
Grove City, PA
Axtell Ford Lincoln Mercury
Newton, IA
Axtell Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK
Axtell Inc.
Lakewood, CO
Axtell Mining Corp.
Gate, OK
Axtell Painting
Mountain Home, ID
Axtell Productions International
Atlanta, GA
Axtell Rentals
Ames, IA
Axtell Roofing
Clinton, OK
Axtell Sales
Clinton, IA
Axtell Studio of Music
Amarillo, TX
Axtell Well Service
Moab, UT
Axtell Wrecker Service
Denton, TX

I'll put up business cards and business photos as I come across them (if the business does not have its own home page). Please e-mail me omissions and corrections. Thanks.

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