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In 1783 a small settlement was formed near the mighty West Branch of the Delaware River. Five turnpikes either ran through or began at the little community named Koo Koose--"Place of the Owls"--by the Indians and "Cookhouse" by the white man. In 1811 the one-time Indian village was incorporated and renamed Deposit.

The village's initial permanent structure was originally built as a residence for the first married couple of Cookhouse, Margaret Whitaker and Captain Conrad Edick. In 1799 the house became a tavern for the many tradesmen and travelers along the river and the trails of New York's Southern Tier. As the history of the structure continued, a salty old gent named Henry Flynt leased the property and carried on a fruitful business until 1874 when it became a tourist home.

Today "The Rookery" is the home of the House of Axtell. This lovingly restored inn now houses some of the best examples of early American decorative arts and furniture available.
[from the inside cover of the catalog of The House of Axtell].

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