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Axtell Coat of Arms.

Col. Daniel Axtell, Regicide 1622-1660.
Photographs from the 1945 Axtell Genealogy
The 1953 AFO Plaque in Sudbury, Massachusetts
The Grand Young Trotting Stallion AXTELL, Currier and Ives print and background. 
Samuel Beach Axtell (younger) The nephew of Gov. Samuel Beach Axtell who murdered his one-time friend, Charles Sollars, in 1911.
Axtell Hospital, Newton KS, founded by John Thomas Axtell [9-699] in 1887 and now merged into the Newton Medical Center.
Moses Axtell (6-1), Revolutionary War soldier and early settler of Deposit, NY.
Laura Ingalls Wilder letter to Cousin Lottie Axtell 1948.
1941 Maxwell House Coffee Ad with Miss Valerie Axtell, beautiful debutante

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Old Family Photos
Please email your scans of old (pre-1900) Axtell family photographs
    Joseph Axtell(7-10), see Moses Axtell above
    Timothy Spencer Axtell (8-275) with wife and all 9 children in Oswego, NY.

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