Axtell Family OrganizationMoses Axtell [6-1]
Progenitor of the the Deposit, NY line of Axtells
Moses [6-1] Memorial

1755 --- 1813

Revolutionary Soldier

Boston Tea Party
Battle of Lexington
Battle of Bunker Hill
Armorer and Blacksmith
1775 --- 1783

This Memorial erected
by his descendants

The Moses Axtell Memorial (above) is in the Barbourville NY Cemetery. Behind is his gravestone.

Moses (the Eldest) was born in Grafton MA in 1755. He moved to Barbourville NY (just north of Deposit and 30 miles east of Binghamton) in 1803. He had 13 children and about 100 grandchildren (48 in the paternal line with the surname Axtell). His son, Joseph, is pictured below with all 10 of his children and his wife, Caroline (Harper). Joseph died in 1884.

Joseph [7-10] Family c. 1880

Standing: Moses [8-27], J. Walter [8-26], William [8-24], Margaret [8-28] Slater, Sarah [8-25] Wheeler, Esther [8-30] Lobez
Seated: Emiline [8-29] Whitaker, Elizabeth [8-21] Wheeler, Caroline (Harper) Axtell, Joseph [7-10], Harriet [8-22] Stiles, Caroline [8-23] Hamblet.

As a reminder that life was brutally hard in those frontier days, Joseph's older brother, John [7-11], also had 10 children, but they all died by the age of 7 and are buried in the Axtell Cemetery in Barbourville.

Thanks to Warren Harper Axtell for the photos.

Moses's parents, Daniel 5-3 and Elizabeth, and his grandfather, Joseph 4-3, have gravestones with Moses's younger brothers in Grafton, Vermont. Here's  a photo of Joseph's gravestone:

In Memory of Mr. Joseph Axtell who Died march 1st 1794 in the 85th year of his Age

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