Samuel Beach Axtell (the younger)
Unfortunate Exploits of the Nephew of Governor Samuel Beach Axtell Unveiled!

Samuel Beach [9-262] Axtell in the Lodi [CA] Sentinel Office Many thanks to Robert C. Sollars of Eugene OR (the 2nd cousin once removed of poor Charlie) for sharing his extensive research on the 1911 Sollars murder in Lodi, California. (To: His Sollars Genealogy Page)

The 1945 Genealogy entry for Samuel Beach Axtell [9-262] reads:
"b. June 21, 1870. Editor and proprietor of the Daily Sentinel at Lodi, Calif., until 1910. Married Clara Kettleman about 1892; they had one child who died in infancy. His late life was spent in La Jolla. He died in San Diego about 1931." [Note: He was actually proprietor until 1911 and died in 1933.]

Robert C. Sollars writes:

...Sam, in his youth was ran over by a hay rake (if memory serves) which scared him up pretty bad. I believe it was suggested this may have had an effect on him mentally as well. Sam was an interesting subject to study even if he did dispatch old cousin Charlie!
Bob Sollars has put together a detailed account of the whole fascinating and sad tale which he may some day publish. From newspaper and court accounts, the immediate cause of Samuel Beach Axtell's vengeance was an auto accident on June 10, 1911, just 6 days before the murder. Sam had lent his Hines automobile to two young lady school teachers. They came too fast upon a hay wagon and nosed the automobile into the canal to avoid it. Charlie Sollars came upon the scene to help and Sam Axtell used his influence to keep the ladies' names out of the papers in an effort to protect their reputations. The cover up begat rumors. Sam convinced himself that the source of the rumors was Charlie and the 12-year feud climaxed when Sam shot Charlie in the back at point blank range. The trial caused much excitement and was perhaps--until recently--California's trial of the Century. Sam sold his controlling interest in the Lodi Sentinel apparently to raise money for his defense. On November 24, 1911, he was found guilty of murder in the first degree.

The picture (and the inset) show Samuel Beach Axtell sitting at his desk in the offices of the Lodi (CA) Sentinel c.1909-1910.

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