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Technically, the Axtell Family Organization does not exist. The AFO was incorporated in August 1947 until the 1960's. A lot of family information was researched and published in that time including the 1945 Genealogy and 1962 Supplement. This website is part of the enduring AFO spirit. Some people are working on updating the marvelous genealogical, historical, and biographical information that was compiled and published until 1962. (See Genealogy)

The history of Axtells in America is the story of English settlement in North America and the restless westward movement over the centuries. Axtells tended to migrate from Massachusetts to the frontier through the northern states (See Early Migration Map). Now 2/3 of Axtells are in the Midwest and West (see table).

I started this website back on August 10, 1995, when the Web was young and it was a subfolder of my personal webspace. I got the domain name in 1999. The site quickly grew to about 100 files, but I haven't kept it up to date as much as I'd like.

If anyone out there wants to take responsibility for maintaining some portion of this website, please email me and let me know. It's fun and surprisingly easy (once you've got everything set up right).

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About the Webkeeper

I am Daniel Gibson Axtell (11-308 in the Supplement), son of John Philip Axtell (10-420 in the Genealogy) and Julia Ray Gibson. I am the self-appointed cyber-scribe for the Axtell lineage. So this is NOT IN ANY WAY the official Axtell website. Then again, there is no organization existing to authorize an official site, so this one will have to do. Please send comments with ideas how to improve this website.

Mission Statement

I consider the following when updating this website:

  1. Foremost, the AFO website serves to prevent duplicated efforts in Axtell-related research.
  2. Like a library, it should be an enjoyable and enriching place to visit.
  3. This website is intended to be well enough designed to serve as a model for other family websites.

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Please e-mail ideas for additions, amplifications and corrections for the Website to Dan Axtell. I'll try to include everything. Mailing address: 1674 Westminster West Rd, Putney, VT 05346.
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