Axtell Family Organization1949 AFO Christmas Letter

Thanks to Dean C. Axtell, who found this letter on microfiche in the Laramie Co., Wyoming Library.


I am writing this letter to use up some official stationery; to send Season’s Greetings and report on the affairs of the Axtell Family Organization.

A meeting was held this year by the A.F.O., of the West, but none by the East or Central.

We are, as an organization, buying with A.F.O. treasury funds some Christmas Packages of Food for our Axtell Cousins in England. The deficiencies of socialism in England seem to be more rigorous than War One and the need of food greater.

The official family news that came from Carson Axtell, the A.F.O. genealogist is

Mrs. Winona Axtell Lyons of Sioux Falls, S. D., died Feb. 5, 1949.

Harold Abner Axtell (9-180) died in Washington, D.C., Oct. 5, 1948.

Charles Manning Axtell (11-56) married Betty Carol Johnston Aug. 21, 1949.

Samuel Dolph Axtell (11-58) married Sandra Diana Carson Aug. 21, 1949 at Walnut Creek, Calif.

Amber Ann (10-386) married April 9, 1949 to Wesley P. Cowen of Washington, Ill.

That other Axtells know something about their family is indicated by the quotation from letter of Lt. Col. L.H.W. Axtell of Bombay, India, dated September 24, 1949:

“It appears to me that the Thomas Axtell who landed in Sudbury, Mass., may be the Ensign Thomas Axtell of the Lord Fairfax House, mentioned by me in my last letter and whose named is recorded in the Army List of 1642, the oldest on record, and now kept in the United Services Museum, Whitehall, London.

“Gilbert, the son of Daniel Axtell, was a staunch Royalist and I think, was Secretary to Archbishop Land in the reign of Charles I. Through the period of time and before the Revolution of the 1642 many Axtell graduated at the University of Oxford and were members of Baliol College and other colleges. The names are on the college records. The names of the descendants of Gilbert Axtell, the Royalist, are still in the Court Calendar. There was also an Axtyll who was at one time head of a monastery but what ‘Order’ I am afraid I do not know. I am quoting from my cousin Winifred Axtell of Bristol, V. K. Do you agree that we - The Axtells are of Danish descent and came with the invasion force under King Canute in the 9th century? A few words about myself. I was born at Oxford, U.K. on the 28th of March 1897 and was educated at Wellington, an English Public School, named after the first Duke of Wellington of Waterloo fame. From there I entered the British Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and saw combat service in France from 1916 onwards. I then transferred to the Indian Army but subsequently retired and was placed on the Regular Reserve. At the outbreak of World War II, I rejoined my Indian Regiment and again saw combatant service in the Abyssinian and Eritream Campaigns of 1941, (Africa). Eventually I was demobilized and returned to my job with The Times of India in 1946. I have two sons and one daughter. John and Joan are married and each has a family. The names of my grandchildren are, Mary, John and Caroline (John’s family), and Roy the son of my daughter (Mrs. Chandler). My two sons served on active service in World War II. John in the Infantry, who was also a prisoner of War in Malaya and Michael in the Royal Naval Commandos. The latter is now at Hong Kong with Thos. Cook & Sons Ltd. – Foreign Exchange Dept.

“I conclude by wishing you and your family the very best of health and the Axtell Family Organization every success. May it be one good fortune to meet some time. When you feel inclined to write I shall look forward to you letters.

Sincerely yours,

Leslie Axtell.”

A copy of the Axtell Genealogy was sent to Lt. Col. Axtell at Bombay with the Season’s Greetings.

Your Board of Trustees having so ordered, we have sent turkey dinners to the following English cousins.

Mr. Hebert W. Axtell
33, Ludlow Avenue
Luton, Beds

Mr. Frank Axtell
One Elm, Totteridge

Mr. A.E. Axtell
Devon, England

Mr. William Thomas Axtell
Or “Asctell”
Skipwith Court Cottage
Skipwith, Selby
Yorkshire, England

Mr. H. G. Axtell
42, Water Lane
Seven Kings
Ilford, Essex

Mr. Cyrill Axtell
Greywell Court Cottage
Callow Hill, Virginia Water
Surrey, England

Mr. Dudley R. Axtell
Flat 2, 1 Squitchey Lane
Oxford, England

Mrs. Blanche and
Margaret Viola Axtell
Foxlake Farm-House
Byfleet, Surrey

We will not undertake to do this every year, but we ought to give them some comfort considering their sacrifice during the war, and their present suffering from socialism and austerity. May they have a surcease from pain and suffering with this expression of our Christmas love.

You are all invited to contribute to the deficit by sending a check or money order to Phyliss Axtell Wahl, 3921 Carroll Lane, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Dave Axtell, head of our western division, suggests we might send a Christmas gift to the Dwight Axtell School, at Plainview, Texas, and he will get up a report for us, so that next year, we will try to decorate their Christmas tree, or any of you can do it this year if you care to.

So far as I know, nothing has been done, nor has any money been contributed to restore the graves of some of the Axtell Colonial soldiers in a New England Cemetery.

Speaking of money, if you have not paid you dues for 1948, 1949, 1950, please send in a check to the treasurer, Phyliss Axtell Wahl, 3921 Carroll Lane, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Are you worrying about the next war or suffering from the effects of the last one? May I suggest you do something about it? An inexpensive something would be a $1.50 a year subscription to World Government News, 215 Third Avenue, New York City.

I may go to Europe next summer as a delegate of N.A.C.C.A. to explain to political and legal groups abroad something about the American contingent fee method of enforcing the human rights of individuals. I could expect a commission from A.F.O. to do something about the Peoples International World Government Convention; the purpose of which is to establish, as Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg, “A Government, of, by, and for the People of the Earth.”

Since I live on a large farm, Axtell, Drury Farm, Drury Lane, Rock Tavern, Orange County, New York, about 50 miles north of New York City, where we have some Herefords and riding horses, and also have a beach washed by the waves of the Atlantic, at Rockaway Point in New York City, I ask you Axtell, would you like to have our next National Convention, in 1952, in the east? There will be plenty of hotel space in New York City at that time, and you can get me on the ‘phone, day or night as BOwling Green 9-8286. What months would you prefer? At least write me a letter.

The A.F.O. is unique in that we have a record of the entire Axtell family in the United States. Shall we keep it alive, or let it die? It is up to you.

Personally, I am in fine health and hope you are. Silas, my eldest son, is a Sophomore at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, and Halton is a Freshman at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. They were both home for Thanksgiving together with Danny, Blake Ashley and Andy. Andy will be a year old February 2nd, 1950.

This is the first time in years our Axtell Segment will not have a white Christmas, because we will be in Florida with Mrs. Axtell’s mother. We will be together in spirit with each of you.

Sincerely yours,

Silas Blake Axtell
President of A.F.O.

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