Axtell Family Organization Early Axtell Migrations

1st Generation
Sudbury MA (1642)
Later, Marlborough (1660), Taunton (1712), and Grafton (1730)

4th Generation
Mendham NJ (1740)

5th Generation
Grafton, Wilmington, Chester VT (1767, 1783, 1790)
Washington Co. PA (1790)

6th Generation
Deposit NY (1803)
Knox Co. (coming from PA) and Lake Co. (from VT) OH (1810, 1831)
Will Co., Iroquois Co., Lee Co., Warren Co., Bureau Co., IL (1834 and later)
Kalamazoo MI (1838)

There was some relatively early settlement in Oregon (1852) and Kansas (1873).
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