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Axtell References in the New England Historic Genealogical Register through 1999

The NEHGR is published quarterly (Jan., Apr., July, Oct.) by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. Volume One is 1847. To convert the year to a volume number (as is used in the index), subtract 1846 (e.g., 1849 is volume 3).

The Axtell Genealogy number appears in square brackets for Axtells of the Thomas of Sudbury lineage.

1849 Jan, p. 81
Abstracts of the Earliest Wills Upon Record in the County of Suffolk, MS. [Massachusetts].
The text of Thomas [1-1] Axtell's will testified 6 (3) 1646 (May 6, 1646). The numerical dates use the old Roman convention of calling March the first month.

1850 Jul, p. 261-262
Passengers for Virginia imbarqued on the Globe of London vij░, Augusti 1635.
"Tho : Axstell" is listed in the second column, p. 262. Nothing more is known of him.

1852 Oct, p. 379
Early Records of Boston.
"Mary, the daughtr of Thomas & Mary Axdell borne 1 (4) 1644." (meaning June 1, 1644) This item is the source of confusion since Thomas and Mary already had a daughter named Mary, b. 1639 in England. This daughter is thought to be Lydia.
"Thomas Axdell buried 8 (1) 1646." (meaning March 8, 1646)

1863 Apr, p. 170-171
Sudbury Records
"Mary, dau. of Thomas & Mary Axdell (Axtell), born 1, 4, 1644"
"Thomas Axdell (Axtell) bur. 8, 1, 1646"
Note that Mary Maynard is Mary Axtell after she married John Maynard:
"Elizabeth, dau. of John & Mary Maynard, born 26 May, 1649"
"Hannah, dau. of John & Mary Maynard, born 30, 7, 1653"

1863 Jul, p. 254-255
Sudbury Records
"John Goodenow & Mary [2-1] Axdell (Axtell), 19 Sept. 1656"
Note: 1945 Axtell Genealogy says 19 Sept. 1658.
Three of their 11 children, Hannah, Mary, & Edmund, are recorded on these pages as well as Mary, daughter of John & Mary Maynard.

1865 Apr, p. 125-127
Family of Nathaniel Sparhawk of Cambridge
No mention of Axtells in the text, but a Hannah Axtell (d. 18 May 1708) is shown in the chart as married to Edward Wright. Many researchers believe that this Hannah was not an Axtell. Coincidentally, Ephie Delphine [9-26] Axtell married a Sparhawk 200 years later.

1867 Jan, p. 60
A pocket Memorandum and Almanac in the hands of Joshua E. Crane has a note by Daniel [3-5] Axtell that his father, Henry [2-2], was killed by Indians April 19th, 1676, not April 20th as recorded in Hudson's Hist. of Marlborough.

1867 Oct, p. 351-352
Descendants of Walter Hastings, of Hardwick, Massachusetts
"10. Gardner Hastings, m. in 1812, Hannah [6-30] Axtel, of Wilmington, Vt. He was the infant carried in his mother's arms, at the age of six weeks, on horseback from Massachusetts to Vermont." That family fled to the Independent Republic of Vermont because the father, Jonathan, was a fugitive from justice for his participation in Shay's Rebellion, 1786.
Page 352 is included to show Hannah's descendants.

1868 Apr, p. 143-144
Notes on the Axtell Family
[Communicated by William S. Appleton, A.M.]
A three generation register is presented. "My object in writing this is to call attention to the fact that Thomas Axtell may have been a near relative of Daniel Axtell, the regicide." He includes the controversial Hannah who m. Edmund Wright as a daughter of Thomas and Mary.

1868 Apr, p. 160
The Merriam Family and Connections
[Communicated by William S. Appleton, A.M.]
Henry [2-2] is listed as marrying Hannah Merriam.

1872 Oct, p. 398
Family of Thomas Foster
Phebe (Reed) Axtell, second wife of Daniel [4-9] is listed as the second wife of James Foster (m. 13 May 1771). In the 1945 Genealogy, he is referred to as Capt. James Foster. This narrative makes no mention of military service. She apparently had no children from either marriage.

1874 Oct, p. 468-469
Church of Dorchester, South Carolina.
Extracts of the diary of William Pratt, father-in-law of Daniel [3-5], communicated by Joshua E. Crane. "Increase Sumner & I were kindly entertained by lady Axtel."

1876 Jan, p. 111
Notes and Queries
Axtell. A request by W.S. Appleton if any relationship is known between the Sudbury/Marlborough and Taunton/Berkeley Axtells.

1876 Apr, p. 239
Notes and Queries
Axtell-Pratt (ante, p. 111).
Joseph W. Porter ties the two branches of the family together through Daniel [3-5], although he incorrectly says that this Daniel was "probably the son of 'Lady Axtell'". Lady Rebecca Axtell had a son Daniel, but he apparently never had children and the 1945 Gleanings introduction implies he died at sea.

1889 Jul, p. 259-261
Soldiers in King Philip's War
Under the Garrison at Brookfield, June 24, 1676, is listed John Axtsell. There is no evidence of a John Axtell in Massachusetts who would be about the same age as Henry [2-2]. Brookfield is 25 miles west of Marlborough.
I also have a photocopy of page 266 with "At the Garrison of Marlbrow". This is just to document that Henry was not a soldier in the war; he was killed in an apparent ambush on the settlers.

1889 Jul, p. 377
Alumni of Brown University
Presidents of Colleges.
"1864 Seth J. Axtell, Pella." meaning Central College in Pella, Iowa. Seth Jones Axtell is 8-132.

1890 Jan, p. 50-52
Axtells of America.
By William Appleton, A.M., of Boston, Mass.
"The connection with this country of the name and family of Axtell is decidedly interesting." Reprinted are two wills from London, each made just before crossing the Atlantic. 1) Nathaniell Axtell made his will August 17, 1639 before embarking for New Haven. He died within a year of arriving in New England. He mentions his brothers, Thomas and Daniel, and his 3 sisters, Joane, Ann, & Sarah. He is probably the brother of Thomas [1-1], but it is not certain. 2) Daniel Axtell, son of the Regicide, made his will 3 August 1678. He mentions his wife, Rebeckah, and children, Sibilla, Daniel, Mary, Holland, Rebeckah, Elizabeth, and Anne.

1891 Jul, p. 249
Notes and Queries
Lady Axtell - W.S. Appleton reports why Rebecca, widow of Daniel (son of the Regicide), warranted the title "Lady". It was because Daniel was a Landgrave of the South Carolina colony. W.S. Appleton.

1895 Apr, p. 265-266
Genealogical Gleanings in England.
Joan Wells of Bovington, Herts, widow, 4 December 1583, proved 21 May 1584. In this will she mentions Joane Axtell, my daughter unmarried, Alice Axtell my daughter, Agnes Axtell, my daughter, Tymothie Axtell the son of Henry Axtell, my son. "I constitute and make my beloved in Christ Thomas Axtell and Thomas Hart my son in law, of Bovingdon, the overseers. All the residue to be divided equally between Henry Axtell my son and Joane Hart my daughter." One of the witnesses is Richard Axtell.
Ellyn Axtell of Bovington 15 March 1602, proved 1 October 1603. To be buried near late husband Thomas Saunders.

1898 July, p. 336-337
Capt. Hopestill Foster of Dorchester, Mass., and Some of His Descendants.
Foster, Brown, Stone, Maynard Branch.
Mention of Mary Axtell marrying John Maynard and son, Zachary, b. 7 Jun 1647. Pages 338-339 are included to show Mary's descendants.

1899 Apr, p. 227-234
The Axtell Family in America.
First Five Generations.
By S.J. Axtell, Kalamazoo, Mich.
This is the first published descendancy of Thomas [1-1]. It is the culmination of years of work by Seth Jones [8-132] Axtell, who died three years later. One error is the claim that Mary Axtell, widow of Thomas, married John Goodnow 19 September 1656, when it was the daughter Mary in that marriage. He notes that the Hannah Axtell of Sudbury who married Edward [sic] Wright could not belong to that family. This article was apparently published as a booklet as referenced in the Book notices on p. 379 and in Carson Axtell's foreword to the 1945 Genealogy.

1899 Jul, p. 359
The Axtell Family.
"Some facts respecting Thomas Axtell, the progenitor of the Axtells of America, and his family, have recently been discovered by Mr. Freeman C. Goodenow of Cambridge, Mass." He notes that Thomas's second daughter was Lydia, not another Mary, that it was the daughter Mary who married John Goodnow, and that Edmund Wright married Hannah Upson, not Axtell, "as appears from a careful scrutiny of the records." He does not mention what records he used. He also mentions the will of William Axtell, d. 1637, that mentions his wife, Thomasine, and sons John, William, Thomas, Daniel, and Samuel. S.J. Axtell.

1899 Jul, p. 379
Book Notices
"In the 'Axtell Family' reprint the compiler treads upon dangerous ground in identifying, without any statements of proof whatever, Thomas Axtell of Sudbury, Mass., the progenitor of the American family, with the Thomas, son of William...." Well, Seth J. was right, so ha! The reviewer goes on to note evidence of careful research and calls it "a good basis for an exhaustive genealogy of the family."

1900 index vii
The index indicates that S.J. Axtell is referenced on this page (Vol. 54 vii), but it is only Books for Sale. I believe the index intends Vol. 53 instead, the volume with The Axtell Family in America.

1903 Jul, p. 337
Book Notices
Who Begot Thee? Some Genealogical and Historical Notes made in the effort to trace the American progenitors of one individual living in America in 1903. By Gilbert O. Bent. This focuses on John Bent, 1598-1672, one of the founders of "Sudbury in the Massachusetts Bay Colony." Axtell is one of the 54 allied surnames listed.

1905 July, p. 245
Stimpson Family of Charlestown.
v. Joseph Patterson m. in Sudbury, Sept. 22, 1701, Mary, b. Sudbury, Nov. 1, 1680, dau. of John and Mary (Axtell) Goodenow.

1906 Jan, p. 81
Genealogies in Preparation.
Axtell--All lines, by Cyrus R. [8-133] Axtell, Grafton, Mass. After Seth J.'s death in 1902, his brother apparently intended to continue his work, but nothing seems to have come of this "genealogy in preparation".

1908 Jul, p. 227
Colonial Records of Marlborough, Mass.
At a Meeting of the Inhabitants & Proprietors of this Towne the 26 : of 9ber 1660.
House Lotts grantd to ye first Inhabitnts & Proprietors of this Towne,....
Vnto Henry Axtell fifteene Acres

1908 Jul, p. 239
Descendants of Robert Lay.
25. ix. Juliette, b. 1800; d. Oct., 1872; m. Rev. Henry [7-94] Axtell; left three children, Harriet, Juliette, and Minnie.

1908 Oct, p. 341-342
Colonial Records of Marlborough, Mass.
(p. 341) Given & Granted unto Henry [2-2] Axtell, & to his heires & Assignes forevr fifteene Acres of upland for A House Lott.
(p. 342) At a meeting of the Inhabitnts & Proprietors of this Towne ye 17 : of 9ber 1662.
Henry Axtell is granted a Towne Right and one additional acre of land.

1909 Jul, p. 223
Colonial Records of Marlborough, Mass.
meetings for excepting of land:
...allowance to Thomas [3-4?]Axtell for Highway Taken out of his Hous-lot

1921 Jan, p. 30-33
Descendants of Christopher Wooley
(p. 32) 6. ii. Hannah [Woolley], b. at Concord 29 mar. 1722; m. 2 Apr. 1741, as his second wife, Zedekiah Drury, b. at Sutton, Mass., 30 Apr. 1716. His first wife was Hannah [4-7] Axtell of Sutton, by whom he had one son, Gershom, b. 31 Dec. 1739.

1922 Apr, p. 122
Genealogical Research in England
From the Parish Registers of Chesham, Co. Bucks 1538-1660
1589 Rychard Weedon, glover, and Agnes sister to Henry Axstell of Bovingt[on] 19 May.
Henry and Agnes seem to be children of William of Bovington and Joan Phillips.

1933 Jul, p. 291-292
Mrs. George Ogden (Eliza Ann Beckwith)
Her ancestry includes Marietta Pratt Pelton, b. 15 Jan 1807, daughter of Hezekiah and Hannah Hathaway (Axtell) Pelton.
This is probably Hannah [6-84] b. 22 Feb 1782, daughter of Thomas [5-38], Rebecca French and granddaughter of Ebenezer [4-15] and Hannah Hathaway, and great-granddaughter to Daniel [3-5] and Thankful Pratt (the source of Marietta's middle name?) The 1945 Genealogy does not give a middle name for Hannah [6-84]. Then again, there were 3 Hannah Axtells in Berkeley at the time, so some distinction might have been made. The Genealogy says she m. Ebenezer Pelton (not Hezekiah) 29 Mar 1803.

1934 Jan, p. 94-95
Mumford-Dakin Records
Revd. Henry [6-39] Axtell of Geneva, NY performed a wedding in Cayuga 31 Mar 1814.

1938 Oct, p. 400
Recent Books
Cory Genealogy. Lineal ancestors of Captain James Cory and of his descendants; Rhoda [6-40] (Axtell) Cory, mother of Captain James Cory....

1940 Apr, p. 172
Dr. Thomas Starr, Surgeon in the Pequot War
Mary (Axtell) Maynard is mentioned in the footnote, which may actually be a continuation of the footnote from the previous page.
"In 1668 Lydia Maynard was married to Samuel Hale of Charlestown; and in 1669 Hannah Maynard, her twin sister, was married to John Hayden. In Wyman's 'Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown,' Lydia Maynard and Hannah Maynard are called daughters of John Maynard 'of Sudbury' (whose wife was Mary Axtell), who had a daughter Hannah born at Sudbury 30 Sept. 1653, but no Lydia is recorded. This error has given rise to some confusion. In 1664 Faithful Rouse made a generous bequest to Hannah 'Mainer' (Maynard) (no doubt a grandchild of Dr. Comfort Starr) 'who is with me;' and in 1679 Suretrust (Starr) Rouse, his widow, in her will made bequests to several Starr relatives, including Lydia (daughter of Samuel and Lydia Hale), James (son of Hannah Hayden), and cousin Mary Pell (wife of John Pell), probably an older sister of Hannah and Lydia Maynard, as may have been Elizabeth Edmands."
Note that this Starr researcher does not claim that Mary Axtell was Mary (Starr) Axtell as some controversial pedigrees show. Also note that "no Lydia is recorded" could simply be because she is from Mary Axtell's first marriage. The twins mentioned could be from an entirely different family.

1944 Apr, p. 208
Recent Books
Axtell genealogy. Axtell Tercentenary, 1643-1943. [Thomas of Sudbury, Mass.] [By] Carson A. [9-567] Axtell. [New Bedford, Mass., Darwin Press.] c1943 n.p. geneal. tab. pl. por. 8║ Address the author, 33 Main St., Fairhaven, Mass.
This is the thin string-bound booklet with Carson's "Gleanings from England and Elsewhere" introduction, a 6-generation family table that shows only men, and a listing of those on the Tercentenary Committee. There are a number of photographs, too.

1946 Apr, p. 177
Recent Books
Axtell genealogy. Axtell genealogy [Thomas Axtell from England to Sudbury, Mass., by 1643]. Compiled by Carson A. Axtell. [The Darwin Press, New Bedford, Mass.] 1945. v.p. facsim. coat of arms geneal. tab. il. por. 8║.
This is the hard-bound 1945 Genealogy with photographs and a fold-out table. More common now are paperbound reprints with no photographs.

1949 Jan, p. 45
Marriages by Rev. Lucian Hayden
Marriages in Vermont
(near bottom of page) At Saxton's River, Nov. 4, 1851, Mr. Joseph D. Axtell of Greenfield, Mass. & Miss Eliza A. Jones of Rockingham.
This Joseph D. Axtell does not appear in the Axtell Genealogy.

1951 Oct, p. 253
Notes on Eighteenth Century Block Island
"Captain Clapp married three times.... His second wife, Sibilla, was, perhaps, a daughter of Daniel Axtell, Landgrave of South Carolina.

1960 Jul, p. 175-176
The Titus Family of Douglas, Mass., and Vershire, Vt.
9. John Titus, born in Sutton, Mass., about 1772.... He married in Sutton, Mercy (or Marcy) [6-18] Axtell, probably born in Taunton, Mass. about 1770, daughter of William and Mercy (Lincoln) Axtell.

1967 Apr, p. 93
Record of Deaths in Jamaica, Vt. 1832-1837
Jany 19 Mr. Axtell, Aged about 80.
This is Benjamin [5-17] Axtell, who was actually 91 years old. The error is understandable. According to the 1945 Genealogy, "In his last days his hair turned black again and his eyesight came back so he could see to read without glasses."

1981 Jan, p. 73
Axtell-Gifford-Braley -- "Was Sarah, b. 23 Nov. 1758, the dau. of Silvanus and Geneverah (Walker) Gifford, m. to Samuel, b. 1752, son of Gideon and Patience (Mayo) Braley, Middleboro, MA? Randall says Gifford or Axtell."

These references were found using the indexes of Volumes 1-50 (1847-1896) and of Volumes 51-148 (1897-1984). There were no references to Axtells from 1985 through 1999.

Please notify Dan Axtell, 1674 Westminster West Rd, Putney, VT 05346; 802/387-4145; of any errors or omissions, or if you would like to see the collection of photocopies for your research.

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