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There is an effort underway to print an updated Axtell Genealogy, maybe in 2003. Genealogical research has become much easier in the last 10 years because of computers, GEDCOM files, e-mail, and the work of the Mormon Church in consolidating resources (such as US Censuses) into their Family History Centers. Using the Internet, Axtells have already made progress in reconnecting lost limbs of the Family Tree. See Recent Findings for examples.

Where to send additions to the Axtell family tree

Warren H. Axtell in New London, CT along with his cousin Kenneth have computerized the 1945 Axtell Genealogy and the 1962 Supplement (by Gladys Axtell Brooks). Warren is updating his data with new information. Please e-mail new information to him: I (Dan Axtell in Westminster West, Vermont) have the 1945 Genealogy computerized and ready to print out in the same format as the 1945 volume. I am working on the 1962 Supplement and will eventually incorporate Warren's data and print a new, consolidated Axtell Genealogy, maybe in the year 2003 or so.

I hope to start soliciting updates some day. In the meantime, please send updates to Warren, including:

  1. full given name;
  2. date & place of birth (and adoption, if applicable);
  3. dates & places of marriages;
  4. date & place of death.
Other good information for the Genealogy is: Be sure to leave out any information you would prefer not to be made public. On the other hand, information about long-past relatives that can now be made public can add a lot to a family history (e.g., links to children given up for adoption, or family jailbirds, or my great uncle's suicide in 1910).
Thanks for your help. The updated Genealogy should be quite a volume.

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