Pictures of Axtell, Nebraska

Thanks to Dean C. Axtell (11-246) for the pictures, all from July, 1994.
(That's Dean by the school, CJ and Julianne by the Library.)
School Library
Water tower Clinic
Historic Marker Time Capsule
The historic marker reads:
Swedish immigrants began homesteading Mirage Township, Kearney County, in 1873. By 1876 these families had formed the Swedish Lutheran Church (Bethany Lutheran), the first church in Kearney County. The tempo of settlement increased with the coming of the Burlington and Missouri River Rail- road in 1883. Tradition says Axtell was named after the engineer of the first train to pass through the village. Axtell was incorporated December 14, 1885.

Cooperative effort resulted in the establishment of three Axtell institutions. A mutual insurance company was founded April 19, 1885, to cover losses from fire, hail, wind, and theft. Pastor K. G. William Dahl, deeply concerned that people "remember them that are in bonds," received community support in establishing Bethpage Mission February 19, 1913. The first reorganized school district in Nebraska, R-1, was ratified in a special election May 6, 1952, by the residents of Axtell and thirteen surrounding school districts.

In the early 1900s Axtell was known as "Windmill Town" because of its many windmills. International renown was brought to Axtell in 1964 and 1968 by Gary Anderson, who won Olympic Medals in rifle marksmanship.

Axtell Centennial Corporation Nebraska State Historical Society

Axtell Co-op Grain Co. HO-scale hopper carRoundhouse made made an HO-scale model railroad car lettered with "Axtell Co-op Grain Co., Axtell, Nebraska". The picture here is from an Ebay auction in 1999.

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