Roads named Axtell/Axtel

There are at least 32 roads in the US named Axtell/Axtel. I found this with a Zip+4 National Database on CD-ROM. There may be a few more that have Rural Route delivery.
Road NameStateCityOrigin (more info after the table)
N AxtellRdAZFlorence
N AxtellRdAZMarana
AxtellStCALos Angeles
AxtellSt SCOColorado Springs
AxtellAveFLPort Saint Lucie
Axtel (N&S)AveILMilford
AxtellRdKSNewtonprob. for John Thomas Axtell (9-699)
AxtelRdKYHardinsburgmay go to Axtel, KY
AxtellStMIKalamazoonamed for Sylvester Axtell (6-86)
AxtellRdMOMacongoes to Axtell, MO
Axtell AncenyRdMTBozemanWhat does 'Anceny' mean?
Axtell GatewayRdMTBozeman
AxtellSt SENMAlbuquerquemaybe named for Gov. Samuel B. Axtell (8-214)
Axtel PointRdNYPatchogue
AxtellDrNYScarsdalenamed for Joanna Axtell Crane (5-18)
AxtelStOHAmherstgoes to Axtel, OH
AxtellDrORGrants Pass

Newton, KS. John Thomas Axtell founded Axtell Hospital here in 1883.

Kalamazoo, MI. According to the 1945 Genealogy, Sylvester Axtell (6-86) came to Kalamazoo in 1838, "where the Old Axtell house (1900) still stands, and the Axtell Creek and Axtell Street bear witness to him as one to the earliest settlers."

Scarsdale, NY "A number of Scarsdale thoroughfares are associated with the Crane family and were named by Col. Alexander B. Crane and his son Alexander M. Crane. They include Axtell Drive for Colonel Crane's great-grandmother, Joanna Axtell; Crane Road which bounds the Crane Estate on the south; Taunton Road for Taunton, Mass.; The Weir for Weir Junction; Tisdale Road for Col. Crane's mother, Emma Tisdale Porter...." (from Scarsdale by Henry Hansen. Harper&Row 1954 p. 104)

"Alexander Baxter Crane was a New York lawyer who picked Scarsdale as his permanent home after the Civil War in which he had served with distinction. His great-grandfather was a sea captain, and his grandfather served in the Revolution. Alexander, born April 23, 1837, in Berkeley, Massachusetts, attended Amherst. ... Crane was married to Laura C. Mitchell. He bought the Holmhurst Estate in Scarsdale." (ibid p. 72)

Scarsdale is 20 miles north of NY City. Axtell Drive is in the Crane-Berkely section of town.

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