Axtell Genealogy--Current Generations

The first known 14th generation Axtell (with surname "Axtell") was born September 19, 1984. There may be a few living 9th generation Axtells (the last one was born 1930). We're close to done producing 11th generation Axtells (The last 10th generation male in the Supplement was born 1959). In fact, it would be a big help if 10th generation Axtells would please stop having babies so we could assign permanent numbers to the 11th generation in the next Genealogy.

There are roughly 2600 living descendants of Thomas and Mary with the name Axtell, mostly in the 11th and 12th generations. That's about 1000 Axtells per generation, a number that will change little in the near future because of near-zero population growth.

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Last revised on 7-31-96 by Dan Axtell