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1. Thomas AXTELL was born about 26 Jan 1619 in Berkhamstead,
Hertfordshire, England.  Died in Mar 1646 in Sudbury, MA.  Son of
William and Thomasine Axtell, was baptised in St. Peter's Church,
Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England, January 26, 1619 (N.S.).
His father died in 1638. He married  Mary -- probably in 1638;
two children were born to them in England, and their baptism is
recorded in St. Peter's. They left England as early as 1643, for
in October of that year, Thomas purchased five acres of land in
Sudbury, Massachusetts, of Edmond Rice, who himself had come from
Berkhamstead five years earlier. This land is described as "lying
in ye south part of ye town-bounds, the southwest side lying to
the commons and joined to the land of Edmond Rice, southward and
northward to the highway leading from Sudbury to Mr. Duston's
farm." This is what is now Wayland near "The Five Paths." Thomas
took the oath of fidelity July 8, 1645. He died in March, 1646,
and was buried the 8th of that month. The following is the
inventory of Thomas Axtell of Sudbury, lately deceased,
His land and house   8 10s
Cattle   8 10s
Wearing apparel and bedding with his arms   10
Brass and pewter   5

Edmond Rice bought back the land, six acres, and dwelling house.
This was near the spring.

The story told in those words is short, indeed, but we are
permitted to see what it stands for. The young Englishman was a
soldier or at least trained to arms; he was of strong puritanical
leanings, like his brother Daniel the regicide. With his wife and
two little ones he followed his neighbor across the sea to make
his home in a frontier settlement of New England. Scarcely had he
set up his rooftree in the wilderness when hardships and exposure
struck him down.
With his last breath he leaves his little all for the helpless
group about his death bed. Mary, the widow of Thomas, appears to
have married John Maynard, a widower with a boy of eight, on June
16, 1646.

He married Mary about 1638 in England.

They had the following children:

+2         i. Mary AXTELL
+3        ii. Henry AXTELL
 4       iii. Lydia AXTELL was born on 1 Jun 1644.  (or Mary).
The Sudbury Vital Records gives both names on the same date, born
June 1, 1644. In his will, John Maynard speaks of his daughter
Lydia, wife of John Moore, and as there is no record of any other
Lydia in his family, it seems probable that the daughter of his
wife by her first husband, Thomas Axtell, is intended.


2. Mary AXTELL was born about 25 Sep 1639 in Berkhamstead,
Hertfordshire, England.  Died on 14 Apr 1704.  christened Sept.
25, 1639, in Berkhamstead, England. She married John Goodnow
Sept. 19, 1658, and died April 14, 1704. To them eleven children
were born.

She married John GOODNOW on 19 Sep 1658.

3. Henry AXTELL was born about 15 Oct 1641 in Berkhamstead,
Hertfordshire, England.  Died about Mar 1676 in MA.  b. in
England and christened in Berkhamstead on October 15, 1641. He
was a boy of five when his father died. In 1660 a tract of land
lying west of Sudbury was incorporated as a town by th name of
Marlboro. Edmond Rice, before mentioned, was a prime mover in the
formation of the new town. Henry Axtell, then only nineteen,
became one of the proprietors and received fifteen acres of land
in the central part of the town as his portion for what was
called "a house lot." Besides this, he probably had a portion of
meadow and other out-lying land. On June 14, 1665, he married
Hannah, the daughter of George and Susan Merriam who came from
Kent, England, in the ship "Castle" in 1638. She was born in
Concord, Massachusetts, July 14, 1645. In the spring of 1676 the
Indians, led by King Phillip of Mount Hope, Rhode Island, made a
general war on the white settlements. They attacked several of
the smaller places in the interior of Massachusetts and killed
many of the settlers; among those from Marlboro was Henry Axtell.

The inventory of his property is dated April 1, 1676. The famous
Sudbury fight, when the captain and his men were caught in ambush
by the Indians and many of them were slain, took place three
weeks after the death of Henry Axtell. His widow married Will
Taylor July 16, 1677.

He married Hannah MERRIAM on 14 Jun 1665.  Hannah MERRIAM was
born on 14 Jul 1645 in Concord, MA.

They had the following children:

 5         i. Samuel AXTELL was born on 27 Mar 1666.  of whom we
have no further information.
 6        ii. Hannah AXTELL was born on 18 Nov 1667.
+7       iii. Mary AXTELL
+8        iv. Thomas AXTELL
+9         v. Daniel AXTELL
 10       vi. Sarah AXTELL was born on 28 Sep 1675.


7. Mary AXTELL was born on 8 Aug 1670.

She married Zachariah NEWTON on 24 May 1698.

8. Thomas AXTELL was born on 16 Apr 1672 in Marlboro, MA.  Died
on 18 Dec 1750.  b. in Marlboro, Massachusetts, April 16, 1672,
married Sarah Barker of Concord, November 2, 1697, and lived in
the east part of Marlboro until 1730 when he moved to Grafton,
Massachusetts. He was a Selectman there in 1736-1737 and later a
member of the School committee. He died December 18, 1750. His
wife died June 26, 1747. The Marlboro records show that he had a
part in a controversy which shook the whole town. He, with about
half of the people, opposed the settlement of a certain minister.
Later when in Grafton he was a leader in church affairs, and
afterwards carried on quite a controversy with the minister and
others. A tendency to do their own thinking in religion and
politics has always been a characteristic of the Axtells. A
tradition is handed down of a saying of this Thomas. Two of his
sons took opposite directions: one became a fervent supporter of
the New Light doctrines (as they were called); the other was
adverse to religion. The father is said to have remarked, "One of
my sons is over much religious; the other is over much wicked."
In Marlboro, Thomas lived in the eastern part of the town near
what is known as the Warren school house. In Grafton, he located
first about a mile northeast of the Center, but in old age he
sold his farm and went to live with his son Thomas on the place
now owned by his descendants.

He married Sarah BARKER on 2 Nov 1697.  Sarah BARKER, died on 26
Jun 1747.

They had the following children:

 11        i. Thomas AXTELL was born on 19 Aug 1698.  Died on 22
Dec 1698.
+12       ii. Sarah AXTELL
+13      iii. Joseph AXTELL
+14       iv. Thomas AXTELL
 15        v. John AXTELL was born on 15 Apr 1715.  Died on 10
Apr 1742.
+16       vi. Abigail AXTELL
+17      vii. Hannah AXTELL

9. Daniel AXTELL was born on 4 Nov 1673 in Marlboro, MA.  Died in
Jan 1735.  b. in Marlboro, Massachusetts, November 4, 1673. In
1695 Elder William Pratt organized a church in Dorchester,
Massachusetts, and soon after went to South Carolina to plant his
church there as a missionary colony. In his diary he records a
very hospitable reception by Lady Axtell, widow of Landgrave
Daniel Axtell, who went from England to South Carolina about
1680. Probably Daniel Axtell of Massachusetts accompanied Mr.
Pratt on one of his earlier voyages to South Carolina. May 12.
1702, he married Thankful, the daughter of Elder Pratt, and lived
in South Carolina until about 1707, when he returned to
Massachusetts and settled in "that part of Bridgewater which
afterward became Abbington." He bought one-half of the "Briggs
grant" (by Plymouth Co. in 1664). On January 30, 1712, he sold
his farm and moved to Taunton, that part which afterward became
Dighton or Berkley (see record of will at Taunton, 1735-36).

A release dated March 16, 1703, from Daniel of South Carolina,
County of Bartley on the Ashley River, made out in favor of his
brother Thomas of Massachusetts, establishes relationship between
the two. Lady Axtell in her will of April 5, 1720, says, "I give
unto my kinsman Daniel Axtell of New England three hundred (300)
acres of land and to his son Daniel two hundred (200) acres."
This establishes a relationship between the two families. Daniel
died in January, 1735. Some time later (the exact date I have
been unable to determine) we find the widow, Thankful, in New
Jersey, as will be seen by her will. "WILL of Thankful Axtell of
Mendham, Morris Co., N. J.; widow:--children: Ebenezer, deceased
son Thomas, Thankful Briggs, and Rebecca Cook; Grandchildren:
Daniel, son of Thomas and Hannah, his wife, their expected child,
and Ichabod Edmister. Witness--William Axtell, Henry Axtell,
Brice Relsy. Proved: Sept. 28, 1749."

He married Thankful PRATT on 12 May 1702.

They had the following children:

+18        i. Elizabeth AXTELL
+19       ii. Daniel AXTELL
+20      iii. Rebecca AXTELL
+21       iv. Hannah AXTELL
+22        v. William AXTELL
+23       vi. Henry AXTELL
+24      vii. Samuel AXTELL
+25     viii. Ebenezer AXTELL
 26       ix. Thankful AXTELL was born on 8 Dec 1725.
+27        x. Thomas AXTELL


12. Sarah AXTELL was born on 16 Feb 1703.

She married Josiah HAYDEN on 7 Feb 1721.

13. Joseph AXTELL was born on 1 Aug 1705.  b. in Marlboro, Mass.,
Aug 1, 1705. He married Abigail Hayden of Sudbury Feb. 4, 1730.
He lived first in Marlboro, but after 1746 in Grafton, Mass.

He married Abigail HAYDEN on 4 Feb 1730.

They had the following children:

+28        i. Elizabeth AXTELL
+29       ii. Mary AXTELL
+30      iii. Daniel AXTELL
+31       iv. Abigail AXTELL

14. Thomas AXTELL was born on 11 May 1712 in Marlboro, MA.  Died
on 28 May 1798.  b. in Marlboro, Mass., May 11, 1712. He moved to
Grafton with his parents in 1730. m. May 13, 1736, Elizabeth
Sherman of Marlboro, who received as her marriage portion a large
tract of land in the north part of Grafton, a part of which
remains in the hands of her descendants, Axtells. His wife
Elizabeth died about 1756. On Oct. 6 1760, he married (2) Mary
Sanger, by whom he had children, all of whom died young. (History
of Grafton says she gave birth to triplicate sons Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob; all died within three weeks). Thomas died May 28,

He married Elizabeth SHERMAN on 13 May 1736.  Elizabeth SHERMAN,
died about 1756.  of Marlboro MA

They had the following children:

+32        i. Sarah AXTELL
+33       ii. Elizabeth AXTELL
+34      iii. Hannah AXTELL
+35       iv. John AXTELL
+36        v. Thomas AXTELL
 37       vi. Mary AXTELL was born on 12 Mar 1748.
+38      vii. Phebe AXTELL

He also married Mary SANGER on 6 Oct 1760.  children died young.

16. Abigail AXTELL was born on 10 Oct 1717.

She married Benjamin PRATT on 21 Dec 1736.

17. Hannah AXTELL was born on 16 Jun 1721.

She married Zedekiah DRURY on 20 Jul 1738.  of Sutton, Mass.

18. Elizabeth AXTELL was born on 28 Apr 1703.  Died in 1772.
moved to Westmoreland, N. H.

She married Thomas BURT.

19. Daniel AXTELL was born on 24 Oct 1704.  b. Oct. 24, 1704
either in South Carolina or on the way thither. Was a child when
his father returned to Mass. He married Waitsill Babbit Sept. 15,
1737, and spent his life in Berkley, Mass., where he was a large
land owner and a prominent citizen. He was one of the constituent
members of the church of that place, and in 1737 was chosen
Deacon. That same year he provided the entertainment for the
people for the ordination of Samuel Tobey. In 1750 he became
Ruling Elder. His wife died in 1757 and he married (2) Phebe
Reed. Daniel died Sept. 21, 1761. His widow married Capt. James
Foster of Rochester, May 13, 1771. (see will).

He married Waitsill BABBIT on 15 Sep 1737.

They had the following children:

 39        i. Daniel AXTELL was born on 29 Feb 1739.  Died in
1772.  twin, probably unmarried.
+40       ii. Thankful AXTELL
+41      iii. Elizabeth AXTELL

He also married Phebe REED.

20. Rebecca AXTELL was born on 22 Nov 1706.

She married Jacob COOK on 11 Nov 1736.

21. Hannah AXTELL was born on 10 Apr 1710.

She married Joseph EDMISTER on 10 Feb 1741.

22. William AXTELL was born on 13 Apr 1713 in Berkley, MA.  b. in
Berkley, Mass. April 13, 1713. He m. Hannah Spooner of
Middleboro, Mass. Nov. 2, 1739. About 1743 he moved from Berkley
into Taunton. In 1750 we find him in Morris Co. N.J. Abstract of
will of William Axtell of Mendham, Morris Co., N.J. "cordwainer":
Wife Hannah to have whole estate until the children, Henry,
William, Benjamin, Silas and Joanna will be of age. Ex. and
trustee: Wife, brother Henry Axtell, Eliahu Baldwin. Witness:
Nathan Linkon, William Lenard, Joseph Dod. Dated Nov. 21, 1749.
Proved 30 May 1750. May 13, 1750 Renunciation of Hannah Axtell
exx. Witness Joseph Dod, William Lenard.

He married Hannah SPOONER on 2 Nov 1739.  of Middleboro, MA

They had the following children:

 42        i. Henry AXTELL was born about 30 Aug 1741.  bap. in
Berkley, Mass., Aug. 31, 1741. Of him the record is not clear,
but he seems to have served in the army during the Revolution.
+43       ii. William AXTELL
+44      iii. Benjamin AXTELL
+45       iv. Joanna AXTELL
+46        v. Silas AXTELL

23. Henry AXTELL was born on 24 Jun 1715 in Berkley, MA.  Died in
1754.  b. in Berkley, Mass. June 24, 1715. He learned the
blacksmith's trade, and in 1737 married Jemima Leonard of
Taunton, Mass., a girl some years younger than himself. After the
birth of the second child, Mr. Leonard resolved to migrate to the
then wilderness of New Jersey. Henry determined to take his young
family and accompany his father-in-law into the western wilds.
They located in that part of Morris Co. that was, nine years
afterwards, organized into a township and named Mendham. They
located about two miles southeast of where the village of Mendham
now stands. This migration must have taken place in 1740 or '41,
and the township of Mendham was organized in 1749. This is the
first movement of the Axtells toward the setting sun. In the
"History of Morris Co." he was spoken of as "Henry the
blacksmith." He continued to work at his trade until 1754, when
he died, aged 38 years, leaving a widow and six children. Jemima
afterwards married a Mr. Lumm, and had several children. She
lived to a great age, more than 90, and died at the home of Mr.
Japhet Byram, a mile north of the village of Mendham. "New Jersey
Abstract of Wills, Vol. 3, p 68" "1754, Nov. 26. Henry Axtell of
Mendham, Morris Co. will of--wife Jemima, Children, Henry (under
age) Phebe, Hannah, Jemima, Calvin, and Luther. Real and personal
property." Ex. Ebenezer Byram, John Carey, Isaac Babbitt, and
Thomas Briggs of Mendham. Proved Jan. 28, 1755. Witness: Caleb
Baldwin, Isaac Babbitt.

Henry may have had other sons of whom we have no record, as Henry
S. Axtell of Bradford, N. Y., b. in 1796, claimed relationship
with this family.

He married Jemima LEONARD in 1737.  of Taunton, Mass.

They had the following children:

+47        i. Henry AXTELL
+48       ii. Phebe AXTELL
+49      iii. Hannah AXTELL
+50       iv. Bethany AXTELL
+51        v. Calvin AXTELL
+52       vi. Luther AXTELL

24. Samuel AXTELL was born on 25 Oct 1717 in Berkley, MA.  Died
on 25 Feb 1769.  b. in Berkley, Mass. Oct. 25, 1717, married
Hannah Hathaway of Freetown, Mass. about 1740, and spent his days
in Berkley, where he died Feb. 25, 1769.

He married Hannah HATHAWAY about 1740.  of Freetown, Mass.

They had the following children:

 53        i. Samuel AXTELL was born in 1741.  Died in 1755.
+54       ii. Hannah AXTELL
 55      iii. Thankful AXTELL was born in 1746.  Died on 26 Oct
 56       iv. Ebenezer AXTELL was born on 9 Feb 1749.  b. in
Berkley, Mass., Feb. 9, 1749. Little is known of him, but we have
a record of his having served in the Revolutionary War. There are
three records of Ebenezer Axtell, and but two men by that name
who could have served. To this Ebenezer we ascribe the following:
"Ebenezer Axtell of Berkley, Mass., served six months during the
Revolutionary War in R.I. in 1778." (Mass. Rec.)
+57        v. Ezra AXTELL
+58       vi. Abigail AXTELL
+59      vii. Samuel AXTELL
 60     viii. Louisa AXTELL was born on 9 Jul 1758.
+61       ix. Henry AXTELL
+62        x. Thankful AXTELL
+63       xi. Lurana AXTELL

25. Ebenezer AXTELL was born on 24 Mar 1724 in Berkley, MA.  b.
in Berkley, Mass., March 24, 1724. The records of Berkley say:
"Ebenezer Axtell late of Mendham, in Jersey, but now an
inhabitant of Berkley and Hannah Hathaway of Berkley were married
Oct. 15, 1751, in Taunton." He is frequently mentioned as filling
town offices. From the Mass. records of the Revolutionary War it
seems that he served 6 months. There is also another Ebenezer
enrolled from Berkley, who was probably the son of Samuel.

He married Hannah HATHAWAY on 15 Oct 1751 in Taunton, MA.  of

They had the following children:

 64        i. Rebecca AXTELL was born on 9 Aug 1752.
+65       ii. Thomas AXTELL
+66      iii. Rachel AXTELL

27. Thomas AXTELL was born on 15 Sep 1727.  Died about 1750.  b.
in Berkley, Mass., Sept. 15, 1727. He was remembered in the will
of his father in 1735. In 1746, he married Hannah Gobel in New
Jersey. The Gobel family came from South Carolina but were of New
England stock and were living in New Jersey in 1724. One
informant states that Thomas died six months before his second
son was born, which is substantiated by the will of his mother.
In 1752 Hannah, his widow, married Nathan Linkon, who died in
1763. His will was probated Aug. 26, 1763, in Sussex Co., N.J.,
leaving Hannah 50 pounds and various goods, his sister Tabetha
Linkon 25 pounds, and the remainder of the estate to her sons,
Daniel and Thomas, when 21. After the death of Nathan she went to
Washington Co., Pa., with her sons. She died in Mercer Co., Pa.,
in 1791.

He married Hannah GOBEL in 1746 in NJ.  Hannah GOBEL, died in
1791 in Mercer Co., PA.

They had the following children:

+67        i. Daniel AXTELL
+68       ii. Thomas AXTELL

AXTELL, Abigail  31
AXTELL, Abigail  16
AXTELL, Abigail  58
AXTELL, Benjamin  44
AXTELL, Bethany  50
AXTELL, Calvin  51
AXTELL, Daniel  30
AXTELL, Daniel  9
AXTELL, Daniel  39
AXTELL, Daniel  19
AXTELL, Daniel  67
AXTELL, Ebenezer  56
AXTELL, Ebenezer  25
AXTELL, Elizabeth  28
AXTELL, Elizabeth  33
AXTELL, Elizabeth  18
AXTELL, Elizabeth  41
AXTELL, Ezra  57
AXTELL, Hannah  17
AXTELL, Hannah  6
AXTELL, Hannah  49
AXTELL, Hannah  54
AXTELL, Hannah  21
AXTELL, Hannah  34
AXTELL, Henry  42
AXTELL, Henry  61
AXTELL, Henry  23
AXTELL, Henry  3
AXTELL, Henry  47
AXTELL, Joanna  45
AXTELL, John  35
AXTELL, John  15
AXTELL, Joseph  13
AXTELL, Louisa  60
AXTELL, Lurana  63
AXTELL, Luther  52
AXTELL, Lydia  4
AXTELL, Mary  2
AXTELL, Mary  7
AXTELL, Mary  29
AXTELL, Mary  37
AXTELL, Phebe  48
AXTELL, Phebe  38
AXTELL, Rachel  66
AXTELL, Rebecca  20
AXTELL, Rebecca  64
AXTELL, Samuel  5
AXTELL, Samuel  59
AXTELL, Samuel  24
AXTELL, Samuel  53
AXTELL, Sarah  12
AXTELL, Sarah  32
AXTELL, Sarah  10
AXTELL, Silas  46
AXTELL, Thankful  62
AXTELL, Thankful  26
AXTELL, Thankful  55
AXTELL, Thankful  40
AXTELL, Thomas  8
AXTELL, Thomas  14
AXTELL, Thomas  11
AXTELL, Thomas  68
AXTELL, Thomas  65
AXTELL, Thomas  1
AXTELL, Thomas  36
AXTELL, Thomas  27
AXTELL, William  22
AXTELL, William  43

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